Heritage Museum

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Step Into the Past

The Idaho Springs Heritage Museum provides access to countless artifacts from throughout the history of the town, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of local history. There are exhibits that include mining artifacts, maps from when land plots were decided, clothing, and large, antique camera equipment from old town photographers.

Learn about the history of the fire department and the importance of hose houses in the survival of Idaho Springs. See displays of wildlife and the different species that are native to the area. The Idaho Springs Heritage Museum even has a 1920 Model T automobile on display! There are so many one-of-a-kind artifacts and displays throughout the museum that will give you only an introduction to the history of this mining settlement turned town.

Idaho Springs’ beginnings in mining are clearly displayed at the Heritage Museum. From recreated mine entrances to carts, bikes, and wagons, you can gain an understanding of what the mining process looked like and how it shaped the town.