Forest Service

Inside the Visitor Center

The Clear Creek Ranger District’s information center is within the Idaho Springs Visitor Center. You can find all of the information you need about trails, camping, fishing, hunting, and more from the Forest Service local office. They have literature on local trails and can direct you to the rules when on National Forest Service land. All of the regulations can be found on the National Forest Service website.


Firewood permits are not available at the visitor information office inside the Visitor Center, but can be purchased by appointment at the Clear Creek Ranger District Office at:

101 CO-103, Idaho Springs, CO 80452

As a Rule of Thumb

Always be a conservationist!  This means picking up after yourself and being responsible to leave nature as you found it.  Be respectful of the forest so that it can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

National Forest Area and National Parks are different! There are different rules for areas with different legal designations, so make sure you always know where you are and what rules you should be following.

When in doubt, ask! If you’re uncertain about if something is allowed, ask!  You can check the National Forest website and view the official rules for designated forest areas.

The Local Forest Service

The Idaho Springs Forest Service is an important part of the community. Did you know there are 198,000 acres of federal forest land in Clear Creek County – that’s well over half the size of the entire county. Protecting, preserving, and enjoying this land is important for the community and visitors alike. The local Idaho Springs Forest Service branch is serving visitors by educating them on the land and helping to protect it.


Mt. Evans Byways CLOSED