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  1. Julie. Clark Close says:

    Very well done site. I came here after finding one Pius Hayden on the 1900 US census, living here occupation livery. I realized I was looking at a unique village of immigrants! Pius being the only former African American slave on the page.

    I’m doing research on him for a book on my great grandfather. If anyone knows more about him, please contact me. Thank you so much

  2. Three years ago Marjorie Bell was very helpful to me in learning more about my great-grandfather, Sol Weinberger [1864-1952], who operated the Sol Weinberger Liquor Company saloon. He and his brothers Nathan and Simon had similar establishments. Ms. Bell sent me a photo of the saloon’s interior. I wish that I could find a photo of the exterior, showing the name of the saloon and/or with him in it. I am very grateful for what you provided to me.

    As it so happens, I help to operate a local history museum just outside of San Francisco, and am the president of the historical society.

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