A Site to Remember: Indian Hot Springs

One of the biggest hot spots in Idaho Springs are the Indian Hot Springs. This natural phenomenon was one of the reasons gold was discovered and the town eventually established. The springs play such a large role in the town’s history that it eventually became part of the name!

Ute & Arapahoe Beginnings

The Indian Hot Springs were initially discovered by the Native American tribes that resided in the area. The springs were considered sacred to these tribes and the waters were said to have healing powers. The lands of the Ute and the Arapahoe were divided by Soda Creek, but the springs were considered neutral territory, to be shared by them both.

Changing with the Times

When George Andrew Jackson stumbled upon the area, he saw the steam created by the Indian Hot Springs and was encouraged to search for gold. Gold was discovered there and the mining settlement established. A few years after the start of the gold rush, a doctor purchased the springs and charged people to enjoy hot baths.

Hot Baths & Beyond

Since then, the Indian Hot Springs have become a landmark and central piece of Idaho Springs. Even the name of the town was affected by this natural phenomenon. “Idaho Springs” began as “Idahoe Springs,” “Idahoe” meaning “gem of the mountains” in Arapahoe and springs referencing the hot springs. Even today, the Indian Hot Springs are a popular attraction that bring many people to the town.

This important landmark is a huge part of how the area was initially discovered, the growth of the town, and the survival of it beyond the mining boom. The incredible natural high temperature of the water makes it a great place to visit throughout the year for a quick dip and a unique, historical experience.