Key Idaho Springs Historical Figures

There are many people that have greatly impacted or shifted the trajectory of our town’s history throughout the years. A few of these key Idaho Springs historical figures include George Andrew Jackson, Henry Plummer, and Robert B. Griswold. As the town became increasingly prominent during the Colorado Gold Rush, these men played important roles in growing and sustaining Idaho Springs.

George Andrew Jackson

George Andrew Jackson is one of the most well-known Idaho Springs historical figures. He made the initial discovery of gold that set off the Colorado Gold Rush. Once the presence of gold was made known, people began to flock to what is now Idaho Springs. He continued to be a large part of the mining settlement and started his family in Idaho Springs.

Henry Plummer

Henry Plummer is another key figure, as he was the first banker in the town and served on the City Council. He was instrumental in bringing business to the town outside of typical mining activities. Plummer developed commercial properties along Miner Street during the late 1800s and helped the town grow and become more established. The development of the businesses in Idaho Springs is likely what allowed it to survive beyond the mining boom to present day.

Robert B. Griswold

Robert B. Griswold was another one of Idaho Springs’ historical figures that had a large impact. He became the first mayor of the town after purchasing a small mining claim. Eventually, he was able to earn enough that he purchased the town of Idaho Springs and, subsequently, became mayor.

Each of these historical figures impacted Idaho Springs in a unique way. Their place in the town’s history has been recorded and should be remembered.