Tours & Museums in Idaho Springs

When learning about the history of a place, it can often help to see that history in action. There are several tours and museums in Idaho Springs that provide rich backstory on where the town has been and who has impacted it. There are many artifacts, as well as a few interactive experiences to help you learn.

Tours & Museums in Idaho Springs

Heritage Museum

One of the great museums in Idaho Springs is the Heritage Museum. The Heritage Museum has been curated by the Historical Society and is located inside the Visitor Center. This museum provides a deeper look into the mining history of Idaho Springs with incredible artifacts from each stage in the town’s life. There is a heavy focus on mining, important historical figures, and photos from the town’s past.

Underhill Museum

The Underhill Museum is another great option. This museum consists of the home of scientist James Underhill and his wife, Lucy. Underhill surveyed city plots and mines throughout the area. Upon both Underhill and his wife’s deaths, their home was donated to the Library, and eventually the Historical Society. It now serves as a museum that includes artifacts from their time living in the home, as well as photos of that time in history.


There are two great locations for tours that serve as interactive museums in Idaho Springs. The Phoenix Gold Mine and the Mighty Argo Mill and TUNNEL offer in-depth tours of the facilities and transport you back to the old mining days. You may have the chance to pan for gold, while getting an up-close look at the mining and milling tools and tunnels.

This town has many incredible ways to enjoy its rich history! These tours and museums in Idaho Springs give you a chance to experience and learn more about Colorado roots.